Central America Handbook

A new edition of the Central America Handbook has just been published. It is full of helpful, comprehensive and practical information making it a valuable guidebook for travellers to Central America.  It is densely packed with useful listings of restaurants, cafes and bars, hotels, hostels and lodges and contains information about buses, markets, festivals, sights and activities.

The Central America Handbook will make a very good Christmas present for anyone you know who is travelling to Central America in the coming year.

You can take a look at the first few pages on their website. And if you don’t want to cart the whole book around on your travels you can download a PDF for specific countries.

Central America Handbook

Publisher: Footprint Travel Guides
Edition: 20th
Author: Richard Arghiris
ISBN: 97819120385
Maps: 77
Pages: 1104
Cost: £16.99

Footprint Travel Guides have also just published the South American Handbook 2016.