South America Revealed

Through Central America Revealed’s sister organisation South America Revealed we can also serve any South American destination.

You can choose to combine Central and South America as part of a pan-regional Latin American trip, or undertake a South America-only multi-country holiday, or simply visit just one South American country of your choice.

This amazing continent has something for every type of traveller – a few examples include:

  • The iconic Machu Picchu Inca ruins
  • The majestic Iguazu & Angel Falls
  • Rio’s Carnival & Fabulous Beaches
  • The amazing Andes & Amazon
  • The Galapagos Islands’ unique wildlife
  • The stark  beauty of Bolivia’s Salt Flats & Chile’s Atacama Desert
  • Cosmopolitan Buenos Aires and the fantastic food and wine of Argentina
  • The lush rainforests in the remote and lesser-visited Guianas


Remote islands such as St Helena, South Georgia and the South Shetland Islands tend to have a fascinating history and are very interesting to visit.


We provide tailor-made travel services throughout South-East Asia with expertise and advice as befits our reputation as acknowledged specialists for the region. We will book your international flights in economy, business or first class according to your requirements together with accommodation, airport-hotel transfers, car hire, and all ground arrangements, excursions and  activities.